Why Use Virtual Reality?


    • Attract and engage students.
    • Measure and record real-time results.
    • Enhance welding training programs.
    • Reduce energy consumption, waste and scrap.
    • Provide tangible savings.


 VRTEX Train Skilled Workers



By implementing Virtual Reality Welding training into traditional welding training programs, students learn more quickly. This increases welding school throughput and opens up more time to teach additional topics. Skilled welders cannot be trained on simulators alone and need real arc time to fine tune their welding skills; however, VR Welding Training can provide a fun and beneficial educational experience.

Students learn proper:
• Body position
• Gun angles
• Travel speeds
• Gun positions
• Welding techniques



Virtual reality welding provides students with an opportunity to try welding in a way that is fun, exciting and engaging.  Students are not inhibited by their first interaction with a training system that may appear to them as a game.  A tremendous amount of interaction and learning takes place in a digital environment today, making the VRTEX® a great way to meet students at a common ground where they are more inclined to learn and interact.

Skilled welders cannot be trained solely on a welding simulator. You've got to burn rod to perfect the art and skill required in arc welding. However, initial welding career exploration exercises and training can now take place in a classroom atmosphere.

VRTEX Recruit Welders 


 Virtual Welding Coupons


The VRTEX® teaches welding without the use of base material, shielding gas, welding electrodes as well as other supplies and consumables. The system also does not require weld fume removal.  Other costs that can be reduced through the use of virtual reality welding are electrical consumption, scrap and waste.

While a blended training program with virtual reality welding and hand’s on welding will be implemented to fully train a student, a percentage of the costs can be saved when using the VRTEX®.

The VRTEX® includes and instructor tool called the Weldometer™ that tracks usage and can assist in the evaluation of cost savings in your program. 




Nothing fills seats faster than utilizing the latest technology available to train students in the classroom. The VRTEX® captures student interest and adds a new element of excitement to traditional welding training.

The VRTEX® strengthens technology-enabled learning. 

  • Assessment of the student’s performance is based on a numerical weld score, based on AWS guidelines.  This helps the student understand and learn industry recognized skills
  • Hand’s on learning of a skill based on the look and feel of a welding machine, but packaged in a game design.  The user interface is intuitive and operates with graphical elements and sounds that engage the student.
  • The VRTEX® provides immediate and continuous feedback to the student, instructor and fellow classmates.  This provides the classroom to benefit from continuous improvement at the student level, but also through coaching and viewing how to adjust and correct improper techniques to achieve a good score.
  • The VRTEX® allows the instructor the opportunity to adjust and change tolerances to match local industry needs or preferred instructor techniques.  The instructor can customize the training software of the VRTEX® to match their course objectives.

VRTEX Welding Training Machine 


 Weld Green


The VRTEX® system makes it possible to learn how to weld in an eco-friendly manner. Instructors who use virtual reality training will minimize their material waste and environmental footprint. It also reduces the overall energy consumption of the welding training process by requiring less energy than a traditional welding machine, feeder and weld fume control system.

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