Lessons in Arc Welding Curriculum for the VRTEX®

Lincoln Electric is pleased to introduce the New Lessons in Arc Welding Curriculum for the VRTEX®. Based on AWS EG 2.0 (Guide for the Training of Welding Personnel: Level – Entry Welder), the Lessons in Arc Welding Curriculum for the VRTEX® is designed to offer an enhanced method of learning using traditional welding training projects and virtual reality welding projects. Instructors have the flexibility to implement the curriculum in their lesson and training programs.


The curriculum, designed to supplement and enhance existing training programs, contains a spiral bound manual accompanied by a series of supplemental videos to complement the learning process.

The VRTEX® curriculum contains:

  • Welding safety practices. 
  • Detailed lesson plans with objectives, welding procedure specifications, virtual and traditional lab work assignments including additional exercises for advanced learning, and review questions. 
  • Quick facts and resources for each lesson including video demonstrations
  • Complete answer key for instructors


The integrated learning approach allows students to experience the traditional and virtual welding hands-on program, progressing beyond theory and the welding lab so they will learn at a faster pace.


 Sample Lesson Plan
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First Edition – SMAW Welding Training Curriculum is available for purchase - K3205-1

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