Performance and Evaluation

VRTEX Laser Screen

Performance and evaluation of a student’s performance on the VRTEX® can be seen through various areas throughout the VRTEX®.

Live Action Student Evaluation Report (LASER) Screen
The LASER screen summarizes the student’s welding performance for each weld made.  Detailed information about the student’s welding technique for each pass is displayed on this screen.

Upper Screen:  The top portion of the screen shows the technique parameters being tacked and the graph of these parameters over the course of the virtual reality weld made:
• Position
• Contact Tip to Work Distance
• Work Angle
• Travel Angle
• Travel Speed

Lower Screen:  The lower portion of the screen lists each of the potential discontinuities.  When a student uses incorrect welding techniques, this causes specific weld discontinuities:
• Incomplete Fusion/Penetration
• Slag Inclusion
• Porosity
• Undercut
• Poor Bead Placement
• Wrong Weld Size
• Convex/Extra Reinforcement
• Concave/Underfill
• Excess Spatter
• Melt Through

Instructor CAM
The Instructor CAM is a feature that allows a second student or instructor to view the virtual welding that is taking place while the welder is welding with the VRTEX®.  This real time view of the weld can be adjusted so coaching and guidance can be provided to correct improper technique.  The second student or instructor can rotate, zoom in and zoom out along the joint to view the piece being welded from any angle.