VRTEX® 360 Extensions™ Upgrade Program

Lincoln Electric is pleased to present the VRTEX® 360 Extensions™ software upgrade program.  This upgrade program ensures the development of new and exciting features and functionality to the industry leading welding training simulator.  The upgrade program, available immediately, is ideal for schools, unions and other training facilities to instruct and educate welding operators in a number of virtual environments, using stick, MIG or flux-cored arc welding processes.  

  • Expand functionality
  • Enhanced instructor tools
  • Improved training experiences
  • Operational enhancements


The VRTEX® 360 includes the following base product software feature set (Upgrade 1):

  • THEORY function which explains and defines elements within the virtual environment 
  • AWS E6013 stick electrode
  • Process piping manufacturing virtual welding environment


The VRTEX® 360 Extensions™ upgrade program offers the following releases: 

VRTEX® 360 Upgrade 2:

  • AWS virtual bend test for multi-pass pipe and groove welds and a virtual bend test certificate upon successful completion
  • Advanced scoring modules based on the American Welding Society D1.1 or ASME
  • Motorsports garage virtual welding environment
  • Instructor panning view function


VRTEX® 360 Upgrade 3:

  • GMAW aluminum welding support including visual and audio sound differences 
  • Shielding gas selections specific to aluminum welding 
  • THEORY function including visual and text definitions as well as the appearance of aluminum welding and dross as a welding defect
  • Video replay for instructor or student review and analysis on the welding process
  • Entry, intermediate and advanced welder learning levels are available from the instructor view


VRTEX® 360 Upgrade 4:

  • GMAW stainless welding support including appropriate visual and audio sound differences; shielding gas selections specific to aluminum welding; and enhanced THEORY functionality including visual and text definitions.
  • Demo Weld feature allows the student or instructor to view an example weld or a demonstration of proper technique, prior to a weld being made.
  • Extended support includes 0.052 in (1.3 mm) solid wire and SMAW on thinner material 


VRTEX® 360 Upgrade 5:

  • New lap weld coupon with support for mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel
  • Ability to provide a score on a welding pad to increase effectiveness and provide a numerical assessment of skill level
  • Additional GMAW-P, pulse spray welding modes for use on mild steel


Upgrade Requirement:
To purchase and implement a software upgrade, the VRTEX® 360 system must have the base software Version 1.1.10 or Upgrade 1 installed. VRTEX® 360 Extensions™ upgrade packages are sent directly to customers who purchase the program. Packages include supporting literature, materials useful in any welding training environment.

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