Conduit Connectors

Conduit connectors for polymer or extra flexible conduit feature rounded shoulders for smooth wire feeding.
Conduit Connectors
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Polymer Self Threading (1/4" NPT-F)

Conduit Kit, 15 ft, 035-1/16 Steel

Conduit Kit, 25 ft, .035-1/16 Steel

Polymer Compression (Ferrule)

Polymer Compression Fitting w/Strain Relief Connector

Conduit Union Kit - 0.6 OD Conduit

Bulkhead Cage Mount Kit

Bulkhead Adapter Block

Bracket for Bulkhead

Polymer/Extra Flexible Conduit Connector - Compression (Ferrule)

Polymer Self Threading (3/8" NPT-F)

Extra Flexible Quick Disconnect, Male - Large Wire

Extra Flexible Swaged Connector

Polymer/Extra Flexible Compression (Ferrule)

Polymer Strain Relief Connector

1/4" NPT Male Steel Quick Disconnect Male

Polymer Self Threading (1/2" NPT-F)

Polymer Compression Fitting

Extra Flexible Compression (Ferrule)

Extra Flexible Strain Relief Connector

Extra Flexible Swaged Connector

Bulkhead Connector Kit

Polymer Conduit Connector - Self Threading (1/8" NPT-F)

Extra Flexible Swaged Connector

1-25 Of 25