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Inlet guides for steel weld wire feeder and straightener applications provide trouble-free interface of connections. Quick disconnects feature eight retainer bearings.

Inlet Guides Components
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1/4" NPT Steel Quick Disconnect

Inlet Guide 1/4" NPT-F 3/8" Probe (Miller)

Universal Inlet Kit

Phenolic Bushings

Inlet Guide w/Quick Disconnect - .373" Probe, 2.75" Long

Inlet Guide w/Quick Disc - .373" Probe, 1.75" Long

Inlet Guide w/Quick Disc - .373" Probe, 4.5" Long

Adapter for Inlet Guide (SKS)

Inlet Guide w/Quick Disc - .373" Probe, 1.375" Long

Inlet Guide w/Quick Disc - NA-3, NA-4 & NA-5

Inlet Guide with Quick Disc - Lincoln Feeder

Lincoln Inlet with QD

Lincoln 10 Series Inlet Adapter-Delrin for Large Wire

Twinarc Feeder Inlet

Lincoln Inlet Guide - Aluminum

Inlet Guide iC ServoTorch (w/o block)

Servo Inlet Guide - 0.834 in (21 mm) Probe

Lincoln 10 Fdr,Inlet,1/4in NPT (F) (Delrin®)

ServoTorch Connector for .175 ID x .340 OD Polymer Conduit

Connector Liner - 0.09 (2.3mm) ID, Polymer

Feed Assist Inlet Guide

3/8" Wire Feeder Inlet w/Quick Disconnect

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