Equipment Certificates

Certificates of Conformance
Certificates of Conformance are a statement of the condition of the machine as manufactured, tested and inspected under an ISO Quality System compliance
and with requirements of applicable specifications and / or drawings related to these products utilizing calibrated test equipment traceable to National Standards.


To obtain a certificate of conformance please email the appropriate contact below with serial number, K#, and code number of the units:


Contact Country Email Address
Debra RichardsUnited States
Stefano SzegedyItaly
Milosz SwiderPoland
Thuraisingham SivakumarCanada Thuraisingham
Daniel ValdezMexico
Tob HuChina


Examples of serial numbers prefixes and the country of origin:


U = United States (example- U1111111111)
I  = Italy (example - I2222222222)
P = Poland (example - P3333333333)
C = Canada(example - C4444444444)
M = Mexico(example - M5555555555)
Z = China(example - Z6666666666)



Certificates of Origin
Confirms the product was manufactured by The Lincoln Electric Company.

Manufacturer Affidavit
Customer needs to move product back into the US from Canada.

750AMPS K1530-1 Certificates and documentation.

Declaration of Conformity to Equipment Standards
This document is a declaration of the standards that apply to equipment, such as Canadian Standards Association, European Norm, International Electro
Technical Commission and Underwriters Laboratories.