Stamping machine with 12 step automated press

Press Automation

Defining What’s Next in Metal Forming Technology

From frequent product design changes, smaller product lot sizes and faster turnaround time demands, the metal forming business faces a seemingly endless array of challenges.

In this environment, figuring out how to achieve the right mix of flexibility, efficiency and cost effectiveness from your metal stamping and press equipment is a must.

Thankfully, new innovations in automated equipment offer multiple options to meet these rising performance requirements. The automation specialists at Lincoln Electric can help you realize the benefits of these new systems, which are proven to enhance safety, provide more control and are significantly more economical than conventional press equipment.

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Our Automated Press Equipment Advantages

  • Enhanced workplace safety 

  • Sensing technology for faster and more efficient production 

  • Solutions for a variety of payloads, dimensions, materials and production runs

  • Process controls for greater accuracy, data collection and quality 

  • Intuitive interface for ease of operation

  • Easy installation and 24/7 customer service


Industrial Applications 

Lincoln Electric’s team of automation specialists has the knowledge and expertise to evaluate, design, and integrate a system to optimize your press line capabilities for maximum output and efficiency. Here are some popular industries that have utilized our equipment and services:

  • Automotive

  • General Manufacturing

Press-to-Press Automation Solutions

Operations that depend on multiple presses working together need reliable and straightforward equipment to help processes run smoothly and reduce or eliminate downtime.

Lincoln Electric’s offering includes presses designed with centralized microprocessor-based controls that make it easy to collect data and configure your process for optimum part changeover speed, higher throughput, better quality and a safer, more ergonomically friendly operation. A unique servo motor design addresses a wide range of applications and offers simplified mounting for nearly any press arrangement without modification to your existing footprint or foundation. These features keep costs down and speed up installation.

Features on a typical system:

  • Modular conveyors for between-press part handling

  • Re-orientation centering and handling modules

  • Blank de-stacking system with multiple load stations

  • Double blank detection

  • Blank eject/reject capability

  • Centralized control with user-friendly intuitive touchscreens

Through-The-Window Transfer Systems

Our through-the-window transfer systems simplify the transferring of stampings or formed parts from die station to die station.

This transfer method gives customers maximum visibility in the die area and added production flexibility on new or existing presses. Our rugged equipment has been demonstrated in millions of cycles in factories worldwide, enabling a variety of coil, blank and finished-part handling options beyond the confines of the press window.

Our through-the-window, 3-axis servo transfer systems can be mounted on new or used presses. A rugged, high-precision drivetrain delivers accurate, repeatable positioning, while customizable, transfer-bar options and finger/gripper configurations solve a limitless range of die- and part-handling requirements.

Driven by a touchscreen, PC-based operator interface, this system comes with various control package options to optimize integration. It also includes remote diagnostics.

Other features include:
• Easy access for die maintenance and changes
• Optimum line of sight into die area
• Operation in multiple feed directions
• Low-deflection transfer bar
• Robust framework and drivetrain for smooth part transfer
• Counter-balance lift axis for improved performance
• Maintenance-free linear bearings
• Automation lubrication to minimize maintenance downtime

Front & Back Mounted Servo Transfer System

Front-and-Back Transfer Systems

Lincoln Electric’s WTTBD Front-and-Back Transfer Systems provide multi-purpose capabilities.

Parts can be run as wide as the press window and its modular design minimizes weight and motion, keeping inertia to a minimum, resulting in lower costs and quicker delivery.

Modules move offline quickly and easily, providing access for die maintenance and change over.

Features of this high-performance system include:
• Two- or four-module arrangements
• Front-and-back-mounted 3-axis servo transfer, operating in multiple feed directions
• Commonized lift/pitch/clamp modules with brackets on both sides of press
• Robust framework with rugged aluminum weldments
• Counter-balanced lift axis
• Precision-ground helical rack-and-pinion drive train
• Maintenance-free linear bearings
• Automatic lubrication

De-Stackers Stackers and Conveying Systems

When blank feeding a transfer die, even the best transfer system in the world is limited without a dependable destacker. If you need to tackle difficult and unusual destacking solutions in your automation system, Lincoln Electric has the answer. Our proven, dependable techniques ensure high reliability and optimized productivity for even the most difficult or unusual applications. Our systems work with palletized or pallet-less material in both single- and multiple-stack configurations.

End-of-line blank stacking can be located on either the front, back or end of your press.

Other system features include:
• Adjustable stacking guides and tamping units assuring straight stacks
• Continuous-run and blank inspection to optimize productivity and quality
• Configurations to create a single pallet from multiple stacks.