The Right Tooling for the Right Automated Job

Durable, high-quality tooling is the foundation of every effective automated manufacturing cell.

Without sound tooling design, everything from dimensional specifications to up-time and part quality is sacrificed. To meet these requirements for automated welding, you must integrate robust, repeatable tooling that can meet tight tolerances. If your components can’t be correctly placed, held, and discharged, then your welding operation will cease to function.

From design, machining, tooling, build and runoff – Lincoln Electric’s completes each step to manufacturing our tooling completely in-house. By designing tooling with the industry’s highest quality clamps, fixtures, jigs, quick disconnects with plug-and-play communications and spatter-resistant durability, we help operations minimize downtime and maximize profits.

Our Automated Tooling Advantage

• Ensure rapid part repeatability and consistency
• Reduce errors and improve production results on complex part runs
• Lower production costs
• Increase operator safety by minimizing hazardous and physically demanding tasks
• Faster part changeover and uptime

Automotive Tooling

Automotive manufacturers and suppliers face the challenge of providing complex welding assemblies that adhere to strict safety and quality requirements while meeting tight turnaround times. With unsurpassed capabilities, experience and attention to detail, our tooling services are utilized in the manufacture of complex, dimensionally critical assemblies such as:

• Seating
• Bumpers
• Frames
• Exhaust
• Motorcycle Frames
• ATV Frames
• Instrument Panels

We are a leading supplier of automotive-style tooling that can meet industry demands by designing, building, and integrating high-volume tooling in-house for enhanced flexibility, repeatability and standardization. We understand automotive manufacturers often face challenges such as model changes, increased tooling costs, and downtime from spatter and defects, so we design high-volume tooling with efficient, cost-effective components that are easily modified for model variance while ensuring high-quality welds and minimal downtime.

Aerospace Tooling

With our AS-9100 certification, ITAR registration and reputation for precision, quality and performance in providing jigs, fixtures, gages, dies, custom automation equipment and precision machining, Lincoln Electric consistently achieves tolerances of +/-0.0001 inch, ensuring high quality and success. That precision comes through experience. Experience gained over many projects, many customers, and a wide variety of applications involving:

• Assembly & Bond jigs
• Layup & Mill fixtures
• Detail fixtures
• CMM fixtures
• Prototype fixtures
• Production fixtures
• Precision inspection gages

That experience also rests in our people and equipment. At Lincoln Electric, we achieve precision through state-of-the-art equipment, vibration isolated floors, environmental controls, experienced engineers, tool makers, precision machinists – and an unparalleled commitment to excellence.
We’re able to deliver excellence in tooling by seamlessly integrating our in-house capabilities, including design and engineering, machining, fabrication, 3D printing, and inspection and validation.

Appliance Tooling

We are the leading automation supplier in North America for turnkey automated systems for the appliance and HVAC industry. With over 50 years of developing effective solutions, we deliver positive results by leveraging our breadth of experience in fabrication and assembly to optimize your production. We focus on providing flexible and agile production systems that increase product changeover and new product launch timelines, address mixed production, and deliver superior OEE through modular stations and robotic handling. Lincoln Electric will work with your manufacturing team to tailor solutions that can improve your quality, cycle times and OEE for a wide variety of appliance products. Whether you need a solution for a brand-new product or an improvement to your existing equipment, we can help optimize your manufacturing operations.

Offset retract and straight pin clamp shown with tooling

Clamping Tooling

Manufacturers depend on reliable, durable and precise clamping tooling that can stand up to harsh welding environments with superior holding capabilities for a range of payloads and designs. We understand your parts are manufactured with tight tolerances on dimensions, so we design and manufacturer clamps that hold your work piece in place, providing proper part alignment and giving you the confidence that your production criteria will be met.

Our clamping and tooling products also ensure that your employees are able to perform their jobs safely, efficiently and accurately.

From concept and design to machining, welding and fabrication, controls and programming, we manufacture our clamping and tooling products in-house, ensuring you receive the highest quality clamping products.

Integrated Tooling

Manufacturers face many challenges today, whether it’s minimizing downtime, meeting tight deadlines, or finding skilled workers despite the talent shortage. Sourcing robotic systems, tooling, integration and weld development can add to these challenges, resulting in long lead times and unplanned cost overages.

As a vertically integrated supplier, Lincoln Electric can drastically minimize these risks. From design, manufacturing, assembly and integration in-house, our tooling experts can provide the right solution for your most challenging applications.

Laser Process Tooling

Manufacturers are expected to provide their customers with products built to strict specifications and exceedingly tight tolerances. Lincoln Electric’s laser cutting and welding tooling optimize quality and can minimize capital equipment costs. Our expert-designed fixtures position the parts for laser cutting or welding, improving quality, reliability and accuracy with less labor required. Our laser-process tooling allows manufacturers to weld very thin material and reduces the use of consumables. The result produces welds that are near seamless, minimizing the time and additional costs to grind and finish the part. 

Pneumatic Tooling

We help save you downtime and increase your production by designing flexible tooling with pneumatic clamps, quick disconnects, plug-and-play communications, and spatter-resistant protection. 

Additional Technical Capabilities - Tooling

• Re-Tooling
• Manual Tooling
• EOT Tooling
• Press Transfer Tooling
• Terminal Tooling

Industrial Applications

Some popular industries that have utilized our tooling equipment solutions include:
General Manufacturing
General Industry