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Learn what you need to know to serve customers better and earn free welding gear, equipment, and more! The Lincoln Electric Honors Program provides authorized distributors with in-depth training to increase their understanding of Lincoln Electric products, technologies, services, and their unique value proposition.

Why should you enroll? Because training and success go hand-in-hand. In today’s competitive welding environment, having a strong sales team helps companies stay one step ahead of the competition.

Benefits of Training:

  • Develop more profound product knowledge
  • Build customer trust and loyalty
  • Meet sales goals
  • Advance your career
  • Get rewarded with Lincoln Performance Rewards™ points, free gear, and equipment

What’s Included with In-Person Training

  • Certificate for completion of each Honors Program Level
  • Training material handouts
  • All welding consumables and base material
  • Coffee, snacks, and lunch daily

Program Level Courses

The Honors Program is for Lincoln Electric authorized distributors. It contains four levels with both online eLearning modules and in-person courses.

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Level 1

Distributor Showroom Product Knowledge Training

Course topics cover basic training with eLearning modules on welding safety, processes, and introductions to commercial welding equipment.


Level 2

Core Welding Processes

Online training modules cover core welding processes in greater depth and require in-person training prerequisites. The in-person training component of Level 2 includes welding processes and filler metal product training, equipment, and filler metal applications.


Level 3

Advanced Technology

Online training modules cover advanced welding processes and equipment and require in-person training prerequisites. The in-person training component of Level 3 is structured to teach different waveforms with direction on how to operate advanced equipment.


Level 4

Submerged Arc, Automation and Welding Economics

Online eLearning modules continue advanced equipment and process training, and these online eLearning modules are prerequisites for in-person training. The in-person training component of Level 4 includes the economics of welding, automated welding processes, Power Wave® Software, and the SAW process and products.

Honors Elite

The Honors Elite program consists of in-person training that includes over 100 hours of in-booth welding training over several weeks. Instruction will focus on welding techniques, process, and equipment troubleshooting in the OFC, SMAW, GMAW, FCAW & SAW methods and the advantages and limitations of the equipment. As a distributor, this class will provide you the insight into what your welders are facing and how you can improve their work experience. The training will also review ways to reduce costs and increase productivity. After concluding this program, participants could earn certifications in each welding method.

  • After concluding this program, participants could earn certifications in each welding method. For more information, please contact:
    Christy Dutton |

Lincoln Electric

Welding Technology & Training Center

The Lincoln Electric Welding School is the longest operating and most comprehensive welding training facility globally. Since 1917, the school has trained more than 150,000 men and women in the technology, techniques, and safety practices associated with arc welding.

As a global innovation leader and largest solution provider in welding and cutting, we offer advanced training at our Cleveland headquarters and regional training facilities across the US. Distributors visiting our Cleveland, Ohio campus will experience our 130,000 square-foot Welding Technology & Training Center. The Welding Technology & Training Center is a world-class training facility for welders and those who train welders, filled with the latest in booth and classroom equipment and practices.

You’ll learn about the latest products and technologies in the Advanced Training Labs designed explicitly for your professional development.

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How to Get Started

Online courses do not have to be taken in sequence. However, an online course pre-test must be completed before you can register for the in-person course option.

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Do you need help?

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Lincoln Performance Rewards

Students must receive an 80% or higher score on all quizzes to receive Lincoln Performance Rewards points. Points will be automatically deposited into your Lincoln Performance Rewards account. Please wait two business days for points to show.

Points can be used for items available on the Lincoln Performance Rewards website. Visit for details.


NOTE: Not all quizzes are Lincoln Performance Rewards Points eligible.