Required for all certification plans, our Train the Trainer course tests and endorses instructors on their welding knowledge and provides a detailed, step-by-step overview of the NC3 curriculum and learning management tools.

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  • Welding Safety
  • Welding Safety Essentials*
  • Principles of Welding
  • Introduction to SMAW*, GMAW*, FCAW* and GTAW*
  • Oxyfuel Cutting
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Carbon Arc Gouging

    *Available in e-learning format


  • Lincoln Electric Equipment
  • Ability to weld at a 3G/3F level
  • Proficient at SMAW, GMAW, FCAW- G, GTAW
  • Wire brush
  • Chipping hammer
  • Pliers/wire cutters/welpers
  • Angle grinders/sander (metal prep)
  • Extra .035 and .045 contact tips
  • Cooling tank for welds
  • PPE: steel-toed boots, welding helmet, hat, jacket, safety glasses and gloves
  • Zoom account (free at
  • Access to a computer or tablet (no cellphones) with webcam
  • Ability to participate with audio