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Lincoln Electric Launches Fifth Generation of CheckPoint® Weld Data Monitoring

Newly redesigned platform delivers a true picture of performance and quality in welding operations.


Checkpoint Weld Data Monitoring

Cleveland, OH - Lincoln Electric has launched the 5th generation of its CheckPoint Weld Data Monitoring solution, featuring a fresh redesign to further improve the ability to turn weld data into action. With the new redesign, this powerful tool delivers improved dashboards and reports, all purposely designed to help users make the most of the real-time weld data they collect to drive productivity, quality and efficiency around the clock.

“Data has always been a crucial part of improving welding productivity and quality, and in today’s Industry 4.0-driven world, demands for an even stronger digital collection approach have surfaced,” says Michael Relko, Product Manager at Lincoln Electric. “To help our customers meet those demands, Lincoln Electric has taken its 20-plus years of weld data collection experience and used it to launch the biggest redesign of the CheckPoint Weld Data Monitoring solution to date. This latest generation is intended to transform the user experience; streamlining the weld data and making it easier than ever to visualize performance metrics and trends that impact our customers welding operations.”

This latest generation of CheckPoint moves users beyond overwhelming amounts of raw information and dated reports, using clean and powerful dashboards to deliver essential weld data faster and easier. Features of the extensively upgraded platform include:

  • Improved dashboards that provide essential, industry-specific Key Performance Indicators to track productivity, including trend projections, Operating Factor, and real-time OEE calculations.
  • Improved charting and graphing, including dynamic data-point breakdowns, and chart filters.
  • Optimized reporting that helps track key quality metrics down to the individual welding station or robotic cell. 
  • Real-time shift planning to help visualize shift schedules and planned downtime.

Available as a standard feature on existing and new Power Wave® and PIPEFAB™ welding systems, CheckPoint weld data monitoring is simple to set up and use. With no software to install, and no hidden costs, the secure, cloud-based platform can be easily accessed on a web browser allowing users to easily connect and visualize weld data anywhere, at any time.

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