What Are ANNEX Positioners?

Adaptable to a wide range of processes including welding, laser, material handling, grinding, and cutting, the ANNEX™ robotic positioners provide operators with an unparalleled user-friendly experience for their positioning needs. Part positioners rotate a manufactured part whereas robot positioners move a robot along a track in a production line.

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ANNEX Robotic Positioners

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Whether there is a high-volume automotive line requiring rapid cycle times or a heavy fabrication line manipulation massive parts, ANNEX positioners can get the job done!

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ANNEX Part Positioners

Manufacturing lines often need to manipulate large part structures to optimize part access. Positioners can lift, rotate, or translate a part with speed and precision.

ANNEX Robot Positioners

Robot positioners can offer robots an extended axis for additional linear travel along a production line. They also can orient the robot to optimize the part relation.

ANNEX Positioners In Motion

See how each ANNEX positioner uniquely moves robots and parts to determine which will best fit your application!

The Value of ANNEX Robotic Positioners

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Customer Success Story

Building Industry-Leading Vehicles with ANNEX Positioners

Technique Chassis specializes in tubular chassis and high-speed prototyping for NASCAR, Tesla, Polaris, and more! High-performance products require high-performance welding, and that's why they use ANNEX positioners and Fab-Pak robotic welding systems.

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The Ultimate Pair: ANNEX and Pro-Pak

ANNEX positioners can repeatedly rotate tooling and parts into desired orientations for high-difficulty welds in Pro-Pak® robotic welding systems!

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Additive Welding with ANNEX Positioners

With the largest 3D metal printing capacity in North America, Lincoln Electric uses large ANNEX Skyhook robotic positioners to expedite production for large industrial parts for your application and industry.

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