Welding Cobot FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Why do I need to confirm Payload?

A: Anytime you turn on your cobot, you will need to confirm payload – This is a necessary safety procedure so the cobot can correctly detect external forces.

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Q: How do I calibrate my cobot and why is it important?

A: Calibrating your cobot is important for precision and accuracy of all programming.

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Q: When the cobot locks up, how do I reset?

A: Sometimes when you are teaching at the torch, and move too quickly, the arm can lock up; this is a safety feature in the robotic arm. At the top of your screen of your tablet, you’ll see, “SYST-348 Payload Monitor (Force) Warning.” Touch the grey, “Reset,” button on the top left corner of your screen; you should regain movement of your robotic arm

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Q: How do I create a welding program using the Smart Torch only?

A: On the Cooper Cobot CRX-10iA/L, you can easily program air moves and the beginning and end of your weld(s) (also referred to as, “Weld Start,” and “Weld End”).

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