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Power Lift Configurations

The Power Lift™ system is ideal for metalworking and fabrication shops that need to work with long, wide, and heavy steel material with a maximum load of 25,000 lbs. Common industries served include transportation, construction, agriculture, heavy-duty trucking, and military. Explore the ways to raise your productivity with the Power Lift hydraulic positioner! Standard and custom offerings are available!

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SMART POsitioner

Power Lift Smart Positioner Product Overview

The Power Lift system with Smart Positioning combines automated part positioning with step-by-step weld verification for complete control of large, complex weld assemblies. By utilizing the Power Lift HZA Positioner and Weld Sequencer™ software, the Smart Positioner simplifies the welding process so you can improve safety, reduce errors, and allow your operators to build it right the first time.

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The Value of Power Lift Hydraulic Positioners

Meet The Power Lift Hydraulic Positioners

There are many standard Power Lift offerings available depending on positioner type, payload, and software.