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Why Choose OmniClean

Automating your weld grinding process is now easier than ever! Meet the complete all-in-one OmniClean™ robotic grinding system. This unique turn-key system comes with either a 3HP or 5HP abrasive set. The OmniClean robotic grinding system is pre-engineered to automate and optimize your pre-and post-weld applications without the added time and expense of a custom-built cell.

Automate your grinding processes with the OmniClean grinding system and take advantage of Lincoln Electric’s robotic integration expertise along with world-class 3M™ abrasives and application engineering support.


The Value of OmniClean

The Welding Experts® at Lincoln Electric® have expanded their automation offerings to weld grinding applications! Whether you are already integrating Lincoln Electric Automation™ robotic welding systems or this is the first robotic system in your facility, let's explore the benefits of the OmniClean™ robotic grinding system!

Meet the OmniClean Systems

Find out if one of our pre-engineered systems will work for your operation! If not, custom OmniClean systems can be built to your specifications!