FabMate XFT Robotic Welding Cell

FabMate XFT 1750mm-350kg/ Magnum® PRO Air Cooled Torch


The FabMate XFT is designed for easy setup and deployment in environments where large parts need to be welded at a consistent level of quality and repeatability.


The FabMate XFT is an economical robotic solution best suited for parts with fixed horizontal welds where the part does not need to be turned or rotated. The work area surface rotates 180 degrees, providing two work zones so unfinished parts can be added to the work ow at the same time the robot is welding a finished part. This provides operators with opportunities to quickly orientate staff to robotic processes for increased capacity and throughput.


  • Integrated safety measures in system and software.
  • Everything you need to start welding robotically.
  • Lower investment.
  • Quick delivery and setup time.
  • Palletized base with small footprint.
  • Reliable and consistent production.

What's Included

  • Exclusive use of FANUC® robots Power Wave® R450 power source AutoDrive® 4R220 wire feeder Magnum® PRO robotic torch


Global Attributes

System Type Turntable
Axes for Part Rotation 0
Number of Work Zones 2
Industry/Application General Industry
Overall Footprint Width in (mm) 170 (4318)
Overall Footprint Depth in (mm) 77 (1956)
Turntable Diameter in (mm) 68 [1750]
Payload Per Zone lb (kg) 771 [350]
Assembly Required No
Panel Type Wire Mesh/Curtain
Crane Access Yes
Roll Up Door No
Pushbutton Control Yes
HMI Control No
Power Distribution Option
Robot Programming Training Included Yes
ANSI/RIA Compliant Yes
Sensor Protected Work Zones Yes
Sensor Interlocked Access Points Yes
Flash Barrier Type Fixed
Fume Extraction Equipment Optional
Tooled/Turnkey System No
Multi-Robot Configurations No
Crown Mounted Robot No
Robotic Torch Cleaning Station Optional
Weld Gas Flow Monitor No
Pneumatic Distribution Station No
Zero Friction Wire Delivery No
Wire Detect Sensors No
Customization Available No


Warranty 1 Year