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Pro-Pak® XFT Turntable System


The Pro-Pak XFT Turntable system is designed to have the ability to load parts and weld simultaneously, for optimal productivity. - Servo and Mechanical Indexing solutions available - Multiple payloads available per customer requirements


The Pro-Pak XFT Turntable system is able to load parts and weld simultaneously, for optimal productivity. The system allows for easy integration with most major robot manufacturers as well as containing solid panel safety enclosure that allows for more efficient fume extraction. The modular platform base also minimizes installation time.


  • Easy integration with most major robot manufacturers.
  • Solid panel safety enclosure allows for more efficient fume extraction.
  • Modular platform base minimizes installation time.
  • Weld ground isolation reduces risk of electrical damage to the positioner or robot controller.
  • Robotic positioners are designed for maximum static and dynamic stiffness, reducing air-cut speeds.
  • Engineered for high duty use cycles.


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

What's Included

  • Turntable Style Weld Positioner Modular Platform Base Solid Panel Safety Enclosure Manual Operator Station Single or Dual Robot Configuration Robotic Arm with Controller Arc Welding Dressout Kit Power Wave® i400 Power Source AutoDrive® 4R220 Wire Drive Magnum® PRO Robotic 550 Weld Gun OPTIONS AVAILABLE: HMI / PLC Packages Power Wave® R450 Power Source Power Ream® Torch Maintenance Station Operator Convenience Package High Voltage Power Distribution Panel Contact Tip Change Box Weld Shielding Gas Delivery Package Pneumatic Distribution Station Weld Wire Pay off Package Fume Extraction Hood Fume Extraction System


Global Attributes

System Type Turntable
Number of Work Zones 2
Industry/Application High Production
Overall Footprint Width in (mm) 3450
Overall Footprint Depth in (mm) 3520
Turntable Diameter in (mm) 1520-1830
Payload Per Zone lb (kg) 300-1000
Assembly Required No
Panel Type Solid Panels
Crane Access No
Roll Up Door Yes
Pushbutton Control Yes
HMI Control No
Power Distribution Option
Robot Programming Training Included No
ANSI/RIA Compliant Yes
Sensor Protected Work Zones Yes
Sensor Interlocked Access Points Yes
Flash Barrier Type Automatic
Fanuc Compatability Yes
Fume Extraction Equipment Optional
Multi-Robot Configurations Optional
Crown Mounted Robot Optional
Robotic Torch Cleaning Station Optional
Weld Gas Distribution Station Optional
Weld Gas Flow Monitor Optional
Pneumatic Distribution Station Optional
Zero Friction Wire Delivery Optional
Wire Detect Sensors Optional
Customization Available Yes


Warranty 1 Year