TOPTIG® Fab-Pak® Tilt-Rotate


Designed to revolutionize robotic TIG welding, the TOPTIG® Fab-Pak® delivers TIG quality welds while automating the welding process. The TOPTIG patented design feeds filler metal through the nozzle for precise weld placement versus conventional automated TIG welding. Designed for simple or complex structures, Lincoln Electric’s robotic TIG solution can increase operational efficiency by as much as 300% by reducing scrap and rework, increasing travel speed and deposition rates, and improving weld bead appearance.


How can the groundbreaking TOPTIG Fab-Pak from Lincoln Electric help manufacturers increase production and operational efficiency by such large margins? The answer can be found in the TOPTIG’s patented design, which feeds the filler metal through the nozzle for precise weld placement and increased deposition rates compared to conventual automated TIG welding. This all-in-one robotic welding system is ideal for simple or complex structures with an improved, spatter-free bead appearance on thin material, such as aluminum, stainless steel and alloys. With exceptional levels of control and repeatability, TOPTIG increases operational efficiency by up to 300% through improved travel speeds and reductions in material waste, welding errors and unnecessary rework.


  • Greater Process Control – Easy to program and control welds on thinner gauge materials.
  • More Labor & Material Savings – Reduce material waste, defects and rework caused by parts with weak or rejected welds.
  • Robotic Consistency – Achieve clean, spatter-free welds with high deposition rates and robotic precision.
  • Upgrades: Fume extraction hood and system Tooling and frame systems Tilt-Rotate Positioners


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

What's Included

  • TOPTIG® advanced robotic solution Power Wave® power source Power Wave® advanced module Cool Arc® Water Cooler Headstock/tailstock positioner FANUC® welding robot with TIG software Solid metal panel walls Advanced touch screen control panel Robotic training (5 days)


Global Attributes

System Type Robotic Welding System
Overall Footprint Width in (mm) 3543 mm (139.5 in)
Overall Footprint Depth in (mm) 2294 mm (90.3 in)
Sweep in (mm) 750 mm (29.5 in)
Span in (mm) 1000 mm (39.4 in)
Payload Per Zone lb (kg) 1102 lb. (500 kg)


Warranty 1 Year