Projection-Pak System
Projection-Pak System
Projection-Pak System
Projection-Pak System
Projection-Pak System
Projection-Pak System
Projection-Pak System
Projection-Pak System
Projection-Pak System

Projection-Pak® Resistance and Fastener Welding System


The Projection-Pak® is a pre-engineered resistance welding system from Lincoln Electric Automation to support fastener and other resistance type production welding applications. The Projection-Pak system complements arc welding processes so that Lincoln Electic Automation can be your preferred one-stop-shop for all your automated welding needs.



  • Frame: Fabricated heavy gauge steel with gusset reinforcements. Stand-alone with fork lift access tubes.
  • Transformers: Roman, MFDC , water cooled, light weight. Available in 100 KVA (or) 170 KVA MFDC, water-cooled.
  • Secondary Circuit: Copper laminated shunts and copper buss bar connections.
  • Weld Gun: Pneumatic (single or dual gun), Milco, fixture type, Copper, water-cooled holders with replaceable weld dies, LVDT stroke detection
  • Weld Control: MFDC Inverter, water cooled, Single contactor, Dual contactor (cascade or dual-pack) – requires dual transformers
  • Upper Weld Gun Side Configurations: (X-Axis) – Electrically controlled weld gun positioning – 400mm stroke (L to R), Single Slide Configuration - 400mm stroke, Dual Slide Configuration – 220mm stroke
  • Lower Tooling Slide: Programmable – 300mm stroke (in/out), (Y-Axis) – Electrically controlled tooling fixture positioning, Provides ease of loading/unloading of component parts, Tool-less” lower tooling changeover (quick-change concept),Tool Plate: 20in.L x 12.75in.W – Max of 60lb
  • Machine Control: Power Distribution Panel (PDP), Rockwell (A-B) PLC Panel, Armorview Plus 7 HMI – (A-B), with stack light
  • Fixture Tooling (Available upon Request)


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

What's Included

  • Upper weld gun slide configurations
  • Fabricated heavy-gauge steel with gusset reinforcements
  • Copper-laminated shunts and copper buss bar connections
  • Perimeter guarding and safety light curtains


Global Attributes

System Type Pedestal Welder
Number of Work Zones 1
Industry/Application Robotic Automation Markets
Overall Footprint Width in (mm) 1625mm to 2600mm
Overall Footprint Depth in (mm) 1400 to 1750mm
Sweep in (mm) Front to back movement, with 300mm of movement
Tool Diameter in (mm) Max tool dimension 20” x 12.75”
Payload Per Zone lb (kg) Max payload of tool 60lbs
Assembly Required No
Panel Type Solid Panels
Crane Access Yes
Roll Up Door No
Pushbutton Control Yes
HMI Control Yes
Power Distribution Yes
ANSI/RIA Compliant Yes
Sensor Interlocked Access Points Yes
Weld Ground Isolation Yes
Laser Area Scanners No
Pneumatic Distribution Station Yes
Customization Available Tooling is custom. Overall system design is standard.
System Weight lb (kg) 4,500 lbs


Typical Application General Fabrication


Warranty 1 Year