Rimrock 034 Spray Atomizer Render
Rimrock 004 Atomizer Render
Rimrock 014 Spray Atomizer Render
Rimrock 024 Configurable Manifold Render
Rimrock 024 Spray Atomizer Render
Rimrock 044 High Intensity Manifold Render
Rimrock 044 Spray Atomizer Render

Rimrock® Spray Atomizers


Large number of options to ensure the perfect combination for each customer’s unique process


The Rimrock 0X4 Series of Spray Atomizers is the latest generation of spray atomizers in the Rimrock lineup. Based on years of tried and testing spray technology, this series focuses on the end user. It is easier to adjust, more consistent in flow rate, and has a longer service life. Request a quote to contact Lincoln Electric Automation.

Choose from the following configurations:
004 - Minimum Quantity Lube Spray
014 - Fine Coating and Cooling
024 - 3D Die Matching & Coating
034 - Medium Cooling & Coating
044 - High-Intensity Spray (Dual Pilot: Air, Lube)

Options Available:

  • Spray Patterns
  • Lube Metering Screw flow rate Ranges
  • Fixed lube flow adjustment
  • Internal or External atomization
  • Mounting options
  • Manifolds
  • Valve packages
  • Complete spray systems


  • Precision lube metering screw
  • Interchangeable parts across the product series
  • Venturi mixing chamber
  • Serviceable poppet assembly without tools
  • Dual o-ring seals
  • Robust and consistent lube flow rate metering system
  • Long-life components
  • Self-cleaning needle and seat-sealing system


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -