Rimrock 305 Servo Ladle
Rimrock 305 Ladle Render

Rimrock® Servo Ladle Systems


Powerful, custom designed, versatile ladles to provide you with an advanced high-tech pouring machine to meet any pouring challenge.


With more than 2,500 units supplied to the North American market, our servo ladles have proven reliability. With an adjustable programmed stroke and the ability to handle a full range of pour weights, the Rimrock Servo Ladle’s state-of-the-art technology is the answer to your automation pouring needs. Request a quote to contact Lincoln Electric Automation. Choose from the following configurations: 305-70, 305-80, 405-70, 405-80, 305HD-80, or 305HD-100

Options Available: Mounting pedestals & bases and 3D layout verification


  • Real-time motor feedback
  • Integrated motion over Ethernet
  • Independent ladle or dipper home
  • Metal build-up detection on probes
  • Redesigned cams and over-travel
  • Reduced wiring and complexity


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


What's Included

  • Mechanical Ladle System
  • Allen-Bradley® K500 Controls System