Excalibur 7018-A1 MR

Diameters / Packaging

10lb Can
1/8 ED032299
3/32 ED032298

Blue Max® 2100

Stick (SMAW) | ED032298

Blue Max® 2100 is a multi-purpose stick electrode ideal for general maintenance and repair applications


Blue Max® 2100 is proven to be the most versatile of hardfacing alloys, specially formulated to resist a wide range of hostile environments including abrasion, corrosion, galling, oxidation and erosion. Designed for joining difficult to weld steel or hardfacing or stainless steel cladding


  • Can be weld on carbon, alloy steel, maganese steel, and cast iron
  • Deposit is unlimited layers
  • High resistance to cracking
  • Designed for joining difficult to weld steel
  • High strength


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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