Special Alloys Stick Electrodes Packaging

Diameters / Packaging

14.1 kg
15.0 kg
17.4 kg
2.5 mm CH9MVN-25
3.2 mm CH9MVN-32
5.0 mm CH9MVN-50


Stick (SMAW) electrode

AWS: E9015-B9 H4

Low Alloy, Low Hydrogen • AWS E9015-B9 H4


Low Alloy, Low Hydrogen • AWS E9015-B9 H4 stick electrode specifically designed for for high integrity structural service at elevated temperature


  • Designed for corrosion resistance in elevated temperatures up to 600°C (1112°F)
  • Moisture resistant coating provides low amounts of weld metal hydrogen levels for a superior weld
  • Smooth arc performance

Typical Applications

  • Oil Refineries
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Power Plants
  • Piping

Welding Positions

  • All except vertical down

Shielding Gas

  • Not Applicable

Special Features

  • Low alloy stick electrode designed for prolonged elevated temperatures

Service Information