VRTEX 360 Oxyfuel Upgrade Kit

VRTEX® 360® Oxyfuel Upgrade Kit


Oxyfuel Cutting upgrade feature


USD $3,304.00/EA


Through an ongoing partnership with The Harris Product Group, Lincoln Electric's VRTEX product line offers users the ability to experience Oxyfuel Cutting with virtual reality. Every aspect of the Oxyfuel Cutting feature is designed to address real-world cutting applications, from setting up the torch to executing the cut.


  • Connect your fuel of choice, Propane or Acetylene, and properly set fuel pressures in proper safety sequence.
  • Learn step-by-step torch lighting sequence following safety protocols and reinforce the importance of reading the flame.
  • Instant feedback is provided on the scoring screen with each single line of data of the chart representing the performance parameter of individual technique.

What's Included

  • Unigun
  • torch attachment
  • USB with software feature