APEX MIG Control Pendant
APEX 3000 Pendant
APEX 3000 Pendant
APEX 3000 Pendant
APEX 3000 Pendant
APEX 3000 Pendant

APEX® 3 Series MIG Pendant


Intuitive User Interface for Complete Process Control


USD $7,048.00/EA


Full color user interface that provides complete process control with presets, limits and user access. Operators can identify and set the track type, track size and the pipe diameter. System accurately maintains electrode travel speed for precise heat input control. Welging variables can be controlled per sector and per pass limiting guess work and maximizing productivity and quality. With just a few hours of training, welders will find they can complete quality orbital and flat track welding jobs far more efficiently.


  • The APEX 3 Series MIG pendant utilizes the most adaptive welding software on the market
  • Designed around full functionality and easy operator experience
  • The MIG Control Pendant can be used for all welding positions as well as with certain positioners for 1G applications
  • The buttons, toggle switches and navigation controls correspond to icons indicating each function
  • Menu controls are easily accessed from the idle, test or weld screens


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Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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