EasyMIG® 140 Welder Combo Kit


EasyMIG® 140 Welder and Magnum® 100SG Spool Gun Combo Kit


Whether you are a home DIYer or a professional Lincoln Electric EASY MIG® 140 wire feed welder is the perfect tool for your next project. Requiring a common 120-volt input power, the EASY MIG® 140 can be used almost anywhere. With its simple two knob controls and lightweight wire drive system; this compact welder is easy to use – even for beginners! The user-friendly interface makes dialing in easier and yields a smooth arc with minimal splatter. Lincoln Electric EASY MIG® 140 is an excellent choice for light fabrication, home shops and farm repairs.


  • WELD ANYWHERE: Plug in the EASY MIG® 140 wire feed welder anywhere 120V input power is available
  • WELDING CAPABILITES: Weld up to 140 Amps and a maximum thickness of 5/16in
  • EXTRA PROTECTION: Metal case provides protection from the elements
  • PORTABLE: Ideal for maintenance and mobile welders
  • EASY-TO-USE: Simple two-knob control for wire speed and voltage
  • PERFECT FOR ANY WELD JOBS: This machine is best for DIY projects, hobbyists, home repairs and more
  • HEAVY DUTY WIRE DRIVE: Fully adjustable drive system reduces the chance of wire tangling and crushing
  • ENHANCED QUALITY: Brass-to-brass gun connection enhances conductivity
  • Application: Shop, Farm, and Home
  • MIG Aluminum Welder capabilities


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


What's Included



Product Weights & Dimensions

Dimensions (H x W x D) 13.7 in x 10.15 in x 17.9 in (357 mm x 258 mm x 472 mm)
Net Weight 50 lbs (22.7 kg)


Max Rating 140

Wire and TIG Feeders

Contact Tips Included Yes
Hand Shield Included No
Instructional Media Included Yes
Sample Flux Wire Included Yes
Sample MIG Wire Included Yes

Basic Specification

Input Voltage 110/115/120
Input Current 20A
Input Hertz 60
Input Power 120/1/60
Input Phase 1
Mode Icon CV
Output Range 30-140A
Polarity DC
Rated Output 90A/19V/20%