Cooper Cobot Cart



The Welding Cobot Built By The Welding Experts


USD $92,500.00/EA



Across many industries, finding skilled welders is challenging. In finding the best solution, automation is usually the most practical and cost-efficient answer. We combined more than a century of welding knowhow and our extensive automation experience with your real-world needs to create the Cooper Cart. The Cooper Cart welding cobot is designed for safe, direct human interaction. It's the affordable, game-changing solution you need to level up your welding and your business.


  • INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY & WELD QUALITY Welds with an industrial Fanuc® CRX robot driven by a Lincoln Electric Power Wave® R450 power source. The Power Wave software controls and monitors welding processes delivering the highest levels of weld quality and productivity – exactly what you need to be more competitive.
  • RELIABILITY The CRX FANUC cobot features the same components and technology proven in the most rigorous industries for over 30 years. FANUC backs their reliability by providing a guarantee of eight years ZERO maintenance on motors, reducers, sensors, cables and grease.
  • SUPPORT TO HELP YOU SUCCEED AT AUTOMATION We offer FREE on-line training, in-person training classes, the support of 275 technical sales representatives, and the expertise of 115 robot technicians.

What's Included

  • FANUC CRX-10iA Collaborative Arc Welding Robot Arm
  • Power Wave® R450 Power Source
  • AutoDrive® 4R100 Wire Feeder
  • Magnum® PRO Air-Cooled Robotic Torch
  • Heavy-Duty Caster System
  • Kickstand Cart Stabilizer