Cooper CRX 25iA Water-Cooled Cart_Right
Cooper CRX 25iA Water-Cooled Cart_Back
Cooper CRX 25iA Water-Cooled Cart_Front
Cooper CRX 25iA Water-Cooled Cart_Hero_Left
Cooper CRX 25iA Water-Cooled Cart_Hero_Right
Cooper CRX 25iA Water-Cooled Cart_ISO_Left
Cooper CRX 25iA Water-Cooled Cart_ISO_Rear_Right
Cooper CRX 25iA Water-Cooled Cart_ISO_RearLeft
Cooper CRX 25iA Water-Cooled Cart_Left

Cooper™ CRX-25iA Water-Cooled Welding Cobot Cart


Ideal for heavy duty, large-diameter wire applications - Payload: 25kg (55lb), Reach: 1,889mm (74.4in), cart included


Output Output


Input Input


Across many industries, finding skilled welders is challenging. In finding the best solution, automation is usually the most practical and cost-efficient answer. We combined more than a century of welding know-how (since 1895) and our extensive automation experience with your real-world needs to create the Cooper Cart. It's the affordable, game-changing solution you need to level up your welding and your business.


  • The Cooper App - Lincoln Electric created the Cooper App to make it simple for anyone to program and create a quality weld. On screen instructions guide users step-by-step through the process of creating welds, no training required.
  • The Power Wave® R450 Power Source - Welds with a FANUC® CRX robot driven by a Lincoln Electric Power Wave R450 power source. The Power Wave software controls and monitors welding processes delivering the highest levels of weld quality and productivity, exactly what you need to be more competitive.
  • Robotic Service and Support - We offer FREE online training, in-person training classes, the support of 275 technical sales representatives, and the expertise of 115 robot technicians.
  • Safety - Cooper welding cobots are designed for safe, direct human interaction.

What's Included

  • FANUC® CRX robot with tablet-based teach pendant
  • Power Wave® R450 robotic welding power source
  • AutoDrive® 4R220 wire feeder
  • MAGNUM® PRO water-cooled torch
  • Cool Wave™ 20S water cooler
  • The Cooper App
  • Fault reset palmstation
  • Heavy-duty casters
  • Stabilizing kickstand

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