Flextec 350X, Standard

Flextec® 350X Standard

350A Multi-process welder. Supports Stick, TIG, MIG, Flux cored, Gouging. Supports 14-pin analog wire feeders, 5-pin ArcLink digital wire feeders, across-the-arc wire feeders and CrossLinc compatible wire feeders.


Whether in a shop or in the field, the Flextec 350X welder is built to perform. Equipped with CrossLinc® technology, the Flextec 350X welder can be controlled from hundreds of feet away without expensive and inconvenient control cables. Desert Duty® and IP23 rated, it can withstand harsh outdoor conditions and outperform other welders in its class. In the field, the Flextec 350X Standard is a rugged multi-process power source, this model stays reliable and offers much more than other inverter-based welders in its class. In the shop, the Flextec 350X Standard model is built to work with all 42V feeders for your factory applications. It is also compatible with Arclink® digital feeders to provide synergic modes and memories for quick setup and seamless connectivity.


  • CrossLinc compatible

Typical Applications

  • Field Construction
  • Stick or TIG welding
  • Wire welding processes with an across-the-arc wire feeder such as the LN-25X


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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