Nozzle, Front End, 550A 1/8in Recessed, 5/8in ID

Magnum® PRO 550A Heavy Duty Gas Nozzle Front End - Thread-On, 5/8 in. ID

Magnum® PRO Heavy Duty Nozzle Front End. Recess and Flush.


Save on material costs by using the Magnum® PRO Heavy Duty Series Two-Piece Gas Nozzles. When it is time to change out the nozzle, simply unscrew the front end piece from the nozzle body and replace with another. Compatible with Magnum® PRO 550A Expendables.


  • Spatter Resistant - Nickel Plated to minimize spatter adhesion
  • Easy To Unscrew - Coarse threads to prevent seizing after repeated use


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -