Statiflex Complete 4, 8, and 12

Statiflex® Complete

The Statiflex Complete offers horizontal filtration for a simple Integrated fume extraction system


Quiet Operation: The fan compartment of the Statiflex Complete is lined with premium quality sound absorbing material to reduce operating noise. The silencer on the exhaust side of the fan reduces airflow noise as well, resulting in a quietly operating fume extraction system.

Automatic Filer Cleaning Utilizing Lincoln Smart Connect:
The Statiflex Complete is capable of monitoring any pressure drops across the filters. If detected above a pre-set value, the system knows that filters are dirty and automatically starts the cleaning process. The particulate is blown off of the filters by controlled blasts of compressed air, which then causes the dust to fall into the dust bin where the harmful material can be extracted.

Intelligent Fan Control Technology:
The Statiflex Complete system is equipped with a variable speed starter to fine-tune the extraction airflow to the requirements of the application. The variable speed starter also regulates the fan speed based on filter loading to maintain consistent airflow. This adjustment capability maximizes fume extraction, conserves energy and extends the equipment life, which ultimately results in capital expenditure savings.

Quick and Simple Installation

  • Shipped in four pieces over two pallets (8 & 12), and three pieces on one pallet (4 only)
  • Locate and secure base module to floor (8 & 12 only)
  • Stack upper filter module on base module
  • Position silencer and dust bin
  • Connect power and compressed air
  • Connect to extraction hood

Small Footprint:
Allows for installation in areas where size is an issue and footprint becomes a concern.







  • Lincoln Smart Connect
  • Intelligent Fan Control Technology
  • Small Footprint
  • Automatic Filter Cleaning System

Typical Applications

  • Industrial Applications such Automotive
  • Light and General Fabrication
  • Education
  • Maintenance
  • Job Shops

Welding Positions

Shielding Gas

Special Features

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