Weld Sequencer Production Display

Weld Sequencer™

Lincoln Electric Weld Sequencer™ manufacturing process control solution.


Getting It Right the First Time, Every time

When it comes to complex, semi-automatic weld assemblies, we know it pays to get the job done right the first time, every time. Any welding error that may occur, whether an operator misses a weld, misinterprets the work instructions, or selects the wrong procedure, can instantly impact overall productivity and quality. With Lincoln Electric‘s Weld Sequencer™ solution, you can have confidence that your operators are consistently getting the job done right -making the right weld, in the right spot, at the right time. Utilizing the Power Wave advanced welding platform, Weld Sequencer™ delivers an operator-friendly HMI (Human-Machine Interface) solution that optimizes the welding process across your entire assembly line, giving you systematic process control – part-to-part ,operator-to-operator, and weld-to-weld.


  • Digitally Enhance Your Weld Instructions - Easy-to-follow graphic interface with step-by-step weld sequencing clearly guides operators through each step of the assembly process, simplifying complex work instructions.
  • Automatic Control & Verification - Weld Sequencer™ automatically selects the correct welding procedure and parameters for each programmed weld with zero operator interaction, removing opportunities for operator error, improving quality, and saving valuable time by keeping operators focused on the workpiece rather than adjustments. Additionally, Weld Sequencer™ tracks and can automatically verify factors such as volume of weld deposited, weld duration, current, and voltage meet the programmed specifications and generate automatic alerts and reports to support QA/QC programs.
  • Exclusive to Lincoln Electric Power Wave® Welding Systems


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