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Saving TIME is Your Biggest Advantage

Gain efficiency in your operation by letting Lincoln Electric Additive Solutions manufacture your long lead time parts.


Case Study Example

By additively manufacturing the facesheets for large aerospace composite mold tools, delivery times for completed tools can be shortened by up to several weeks - potentially reducing delivery times of entire tools by as much as 60 percent

Lincoln Electric Additive Solutions facilities are capable of providing complete, finished tools, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Machining
  • Tooling stands and other fabrication
  • Assembly
  • Final Perp
  • Testing to accredited standards


New tooling is often a bottleneck in getting new manufacturing operations up and running on time, particularly as engineers often need to accommodate las minute design changes . Additive manufacturing can eliminate the tooling bottleneck can eliminate the tooling bottleneck by significantly shortening the delivery lead time.


Get functional , large-scale prototype parts in days to weeks, not weeks to months

Replacement Parts

Large castings and forgings can easily take several months to receive. Explore whether Lincoln Electric Additive Solutions can save your lead times by several weeks.

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