How We Do It

CAD to Path Software

Proprietary SculptPrint software slices your CAD model, determines the ideal path for material deposition and incorporates optimized process parameters for each layer.

Flexible Automation

Lincoln Electric manufactures and integrates our automation systems, including the robotic cells and positioners and arc power sources with application-specific technology.

Feedstock Manufacturer

Lincoln Electric leads global wire manufacturing with precise chemical composition, controlled surface treatments, precise winding, and suitable bulk packaging for additives.


Lincoln Electric Additive Solutions will produce a finished part to your specifications, including a controlled additive build, machining and other operations required to deliver a complete assembly


The Best Additive Solution for Your Application

Lincoln Electric Additive Solutions is uniquely positioned in this space to bring the right experience and technologies to bear for your project, based on your material and application requirements. Using GMAW arc welding or laser hot-wire processes, we can tap into a deep well of welding deposition, equipment and automation knowledge to meet your needs. Every step is customized to deliver the material and design for your specific application. Every conversation is a collaboration between our team and yours. Every outcome is designed to meet your operational needs.


Connecting Our Experts With Your Experts

  • Part Design
  • Materials
  • Functional Requirements
  • Additive Manufacturing Process



Designing with additive in mind, we look for ways to reduce weight, increase strength, combine materials for best advantage, merge additive and subtractive processes and add functional processes not possible using traditional manufacturing methods. Our goal is to reduce part costs, improve lead times and enhance performance.



Preparation and Customer Review

  • Price
  • Schedule
  • Deliverables



This is our opportunity to confirm for your team and ours what will be delivered, including a final check in on part design, build strategy, testing, prototyping and final processing


Print / Process

Turn-Key Part Fabrication

  • Prototype
  • Near-net Shape
  • Heat Treating and Other Processing
  • Machining
  • Part Finishing



Parts are printed, monitored for bead height and positional stacking, inspected and moved to post processing as requested. Functional prototypes may require less processing, while low volume parts or field failure repair tasks may require finish machining.



Receive Your Part in a Fraction of the Time

  • Final Inspection
  • Testing Available
  • Post-Project Evaluation



Parts are drop-shipped to your destination from start to finish in a few days or weeks compared to several weeks or months for many traditional machining or casting operations.