Vertical Up and Vertical Down

Another one of the more common questions received from instructors is whether the RealWeld® Trainer can be set up for a Vertical Up or Vertical Down weld. With the RealWeld Trainer, the system can teach either Vertical Up or Vertical Down weld. Follow the steps below and you’ll be able to weld either Vertical up or Vertical Down.

Here is a step-by-step guide to change from a Vertical up/down To a Vertical down/up:

    1. After Student log in press the “Curriculum” button
    1. Choose the desired WPS
    1. Then Press the “Weld Tool” button
    1. Choose the appropriate tool for the desired WPS
    1. Press the “Weld” button
    1. When the Weld screen comes up on the lower left side is the “Vertical Up” or “Vertical Down” button.
    1. By pushing this you change the Vertical Up or Vertical Down direction or back

7.  Press the “Weld” button and you are now ready to weld on the SMAW WPS with the Rod Angle that you chose.