Strategies for getting the most out of your welding space

How you decide to organize and assemble your educational space – from the welding booth, equipment, storage and IT infrastructure – can have a direct impact on a welding learner's ability to succeed.

As a leader in welding education, we know this because we have seen and done it all. Our experts can provide you with critical insights and information throughout every step of the process to help you develop a welding school or classroom that will produce professionals who will thrive in the decades to come.

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Advancing the Future of Welding Education Beyond the Four Walls of the Classroom

Our free guide provides a roadmap that helps any school system or for-profit institution develop an action plan to customize a facility according
to their specific requirements. Learn about the latest and greatest best practices in welding classroom and school design from an industry-recognized
leader in welding equipment and education solutions.

Insights Include:

Key Characteristics and Elements of
Successful Welding Education Programs

Checklists for:

  • Classroom Design
  • Dedicated Student Learning Areas
  • Welding Laboratories & Booths
  • Storage for Welding Supplies & Gear
  • Material & Tool Preparation
  • Thermal Cutting

With diagrams for welding booths, classrooms,
offices, equipment specifications and more.


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