VRTEX 360 Virtual reality welding simulator

VRTEX® 360® System Standard Frequency


This product has been discontinued or is no longer available for sale.


    Supports All Out of Position Welds

  • From flat, horizontal, vertical to overhead, the VRTEX 360 supports all position welding and can be ready in a matter of minutes

  • User Machine Interaction

  • Provides equipment and procedural set-up using a touchscreen display for movement through the simulation software
  • VRTEX 360 supported functionality is mirrored to make transfer of interation seamless between the systems

  • Dedicated Welding Gun and Stinger

  • Provides tactile feedback which adds realism to the simulation
  • The VRTEX 360 stinger device retracts at the rate a real stick electrode would melt off to simulate the melting of a real electrode

  • Tabletop Coupon Stand

  • Allows the VRTEX 360 welding coupons to be placed in multiple positions with or without the adjustable table to simulate real welding applications

**When multiple units of VRTEX trainers are used in close proximity, Alternate Frequency models are available to avoid interference between units



Be sure to review our U/LINC™ curriculum offering that supports this product.


  • Multiple welding processes, positions and joint configurations
  • Realistic appearance of welding puddle and sounds
  • Visual cues give real-time technique feedback
  • Record, archive and verify student work and performance
  • No welding consumables, wire, shielding gas or base materials

What's Included

    • Virtual welding machine
    • Welding stand
    • Welding helmet
    • 17 in. (432 mm) touch screen monitor with built-in speakers
    • GMAW gun
    • Retractable SMAW welding device
    • 5 coupons


Product Weights & Dimensions

Dimensions (H x W x D) in x in x in ( mm x mm x mm)
Net Weight 385.56 lbs (385.56 kg)

Basic Specification

Input Hertz 50,50/60,60
Input Phase 1
Mode Icon CC/CV
Polarity DC