Power Wave S700 Advanced Process Welder
Power Wave S700 Advanced Process Welder
Power Wave S700 Advanced Process Welder
Power Wave S700 Advanced Process Welder

Power Wave® S700 Advanced Process Welder


Power Wave S700 advanced process welders are for high duty cycle applications including heavy equipment, transportation, or other fabrication industries.


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USD $14,709.00/EA



Choose the Power Wave® S700 model for high amperage, high duty cycle applications in the heavy equipment, transportation and other fabrication industries. Typically recommended for 1/16 inch (1.6 mm) wire diameter and up, the Power Wave®\ S700 can be used in semiautomatic, hard automation or robotic environments - even for high deposition synchronized tandem welding applications. The machine is also suitable for arc gouging.

  • Wide Input Voltage Range - Set up operations almost anywhere (380-575 VAC, 3 phase, 50/60Hz voltage).
  • Add AutoDrive® 19 Tandem modules to access waveform modes specifically designed for Synchronized Tandem MIG multi-arc applications. A sync connection is provided for easy tandem power source operation.
  • Low Operating Cost - Operates at a high 88% efficiency with a 95% minimum power factor (at rated output).
  • Severe Duty - Can be stored outdoors. IP23 rated to withstand harsh environments.
  • iARC Digital Control - 90 times faster than the previous generation, delivering a responsive arc.
  • Standard ArcLink®, Ethernet, and DeviceNet Communication - Offers remote process monitoring, control and troubleshooting.
  • True Energy - Measures, calculates and displays instantaneous energy in the weld for critical heat input calculations.
  • Checkpoint - A cloud-based data collection tool allows customers to view and analyze welding data. Track equipment usage, store weld data, configure fault limits and more.
  • Fan-As-Needed (F.A.N.) - Reduces power consumption and the amount of debris that gets drawn into the machine by shutting the fan down when it is not needed.
  • Standard 115V (10A) AC Duplex Auxiliary Power Receptacle - Features patent pending Surge Blocker Technology to ensure simultaneous welding performance is not compromised by high starting current devices such as grinders (typically requiring 60A or more peak surge current).


  • Wide Input Voltage Range
  • Add AutoDrive® 19 Tandem Modules
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Severe Duty
  • iARC Digital Control


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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Product Weights & Dimensions

Dimensions (H x W x D) 30.1 in x 485 in x 36.7 in (765 mm x 485 mm x 932 mm)
Net Weight 167.832 lbs (167.832 kg)


Max Rating 900
Number of Operators per Machine 1
Data Technologies Ethernet
Machines Communication Technology ArcLink
Wire Feeder Supply Voltage 40VDC
Amphenol Pins (type of connector) 12
Work Lead Connector Type Lug

Basic Specification

Input Voltage 460,380/400/415,575
Input Current 55A/46A/42A/38A , (74A/60A/56A/49A)
Input Hertz 50,50/60,60
Input Power 380/415/460/575/3/50/60
Input Phase 3
Mode Icon CC/CV
Output Range 20 - 900A
Polarity DC
Rated Output 700A/44V/100% , (900A/44V/60%)


Warranty 5 Years