HELIX® SF70C-2 M45 Onboard Wire Feeder & Wire Manipulator Kit


Wire Feeder and GTAW Wire Manipilator Package


USD $12,008.72/EA


The HELIX SF70C-1 Onboard Wire Feeder offers powerful, reliable wire feeding performance, with "plug and play" capabiity that mounts directly to the HELIX M45 Weld Head. Featuring brushless DC servomotors with encoder feedback, the HELIX SF70C-1 helps improve quality and consistency over a broad range of wire-feed speeds. Choose the right or left onboard wire feeder that works best for the job site. The dual-feeder setup allows wire to be fed in either direction for GTAW applications.


  • Unsurpassed Power Density - High-torque output in a compact lightweight package
  • Precise Speed Control - High-resolution encoder for precise control over a wide range of speeds
  • Hassle-Free Adjustment - Toolless adjustment of drive roll tension and feeder placement
  • Environmental Resistance - Stainless steel hardware and coated PC boards for moisture and corrosion protection
  • Versatile and Flexible Drive rolls available in a wide range of sizes for solid, cored and aluminum wire


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


What's Included

  • K52248-2 HELIX SF70C-2 Onboard Wire Feeder; K52254-2 HELIX Low Profile Wire Manipulator Assembly 1

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Warranty 1 Year