Excalibur 7018-A1 MR

Wearshield® FROG MANG®

Stick (SMAW) Electrode | ED033133

Austenitic manganese alloys, producing tough, high-strength deposits that will work harden under impact. Used in applications with high impact and low abrasion.


  • Designed specifically for building up manganese frogs and manganese crossing diamonds in the railroad industry
  • Provides a high strength, high alloy austenitic manganese deposit to handle the increased loading of railroad cars
  • Unlimited layers with proper preheat, interpass temperatures and procedures
  • Resistant to deformation and the resultant metal flow


  • Unlimited Layers – proper preheat and interpass temperatures and procedures required
  • Superior Work Hardenability – compared to standard austenitic manganese (Hadfield) steels
  • Excellent Operator Appeal easy slag removal and reduced grinding time

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