Reduce Surface Silicate

Lincoln Electric's Low Silicate GMAW solution combines Waveform Control Technology® with ultra-low silicate wire – delivering high-speed, low-spatter weld performance that reduces post-weld cleanup and improves paint adhesion.


Typical Weld Results

The combination of innovative waveform and wire chemistry produces significantly reduced surface silicates.


Corrosion Testing

We reduced surface silicate, the rapid X LS solution allows for improved paint adhesion and coverage - helping to maximize corrosion resistance on the weld bead and weld toes.

Low Silicate GMAW Components


SuperArc® XLS

Premium MIG wire engineered to minimize surface silicates


Rapid X® LS Waveform

Advanced high-speed, low-spatter waveform


Power Wave®

Advanced process welders - delivering industry-leading performance and reliability

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