Filtros de repuesto Statiflex

Filtros de repuesto para StatiFlex


Statiflex Complete Filtration System - Quality, Self-Cleaning Filtration Solutions

At Lincoln Electric, we understand that both fume extraction and floor space are very important to any facility with automated cells. That is why we developed the Statiflex Complete filter bank models. The self-cleaning filter configurations can provide extraction capacity for just about any automated system equipped with a modular or fabricated hood.


  • Automatic Cleaning - The Statiflex Complete system is capable of monitoring any pressure drops across the filters. If detected above a pre-set value, the system automatically starts the cleaning process. The particulate is blown off of the filters by controlled blasts of compressed air.
  • Once the filters are unable to obtain a pressure below 1700 Pa after several cleaning attempts, the filters should be replace.
  • Filter Choices:
    • MERV 11 FIlter Cartidge - Features spun bound polyester media
    • MERV 16 Filter Cartridge, NANO - Features NANO fibers
    • MERV 16 Filter Cartidge, PTFE - Features thermal bonded PTFE membrane

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