Prism 4, 8 and 12 Vertical Filter Banks
Prism 12 Vertical Filter Bank
Prism 12 Vertical Filter Bank



The Prism 12 Central System is a filtration unit designed with industrial and educational applications in mind.



The Prism fume extraction system is a reduced-footprint fan/filtration unit combination designed with robotic welding and plasma cutting systems in mind. The 4 bank vertically positioned filter configuration can provide extraction capacity for any automated system equipped with a hood or can connect easily to plasma cutting tables. The vertical positioning enhances the effectiveness of the uniform; high-energy pulses of compressed air** released during the filter cleaning cycle.


Small Footprint

  • The small footprint takes up less floor space than competitive units


Automatic Cleaning

  • System will automatically start cleaning process once pre-set pressure differential is reached
  • Vertical filter orientation allows for more efficient cleaning
  • Particulates will be collected into the 30 gallon dust bin


Quick and Simple Installation

  • Shipped in three pieces over two pallets
  • Locate and secure base module to floor
  • Fasten upper filter module with pre-installed fan on leg base assembly and secure
  • Lincoln Smart Connect™ technology allows for quick and seamless wire connectivity
  • Position silencer and dust bin
  • Connect power; compressed air and duct sensor for fan speed control


Quiet Operation

  • Silencer on exhaust fan drastically reduces airflow noise


Intelligent Fan Control Technology

  • Equipped with variable speed drive that adjusts extraction airflow to application
  • Variable speed drive regulates fan speed based on filter loading to maximize fume extraction; conserve energy and extend equipment life


**Customer supplied. Must be clean; dry; and oil free.



  • Small Footprint
  • Automatic Filter Cleaning
  • Quick and Simple Installation
  • Quiet Operation
  • Intelligent Fan Control Technology


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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