Prism Compact
Prism Compact

Prism®Compact (5000 CFM)


Prism®Compact (10 HP 5000 CFM) 4 Vertical Filter Fume Extraction Unit w/ Inlet Up



The Prism™Compact is a revolutionary fume extraction system developed for cutting tables; robotic cells and any other applications that require an extraction hood. The system was developed with height constraints and portability in mind; and used our current Prism vertical filter technology. The portability of the Compact is due in large part to its height and construction; which enables shipping without a pallet and easily loading on and off a shipping trailer. The unit’s slotted leg base allows for easy transportation and installation; which enables easy positioning around various locations in a given building. Lincoln Electric strongly recommends using a thermal suppression system in addition to the integrated spark arrestor when welding oily or stamped parts.

Compact Size - Can be placed directly next to a cutting table or robotic cell

Pallet-less Shipping - Allows for easy transportation throughout the facility

Crane-less assembly - Makes for moving the system to a new location extremely easy

Quiet Operation - Silencer and sound deadening materials drastically reduces airflow noise

Simple Maintenance - System will automatically start cleaning process once pre-set pressure differential is reached. Vertical filter orientation allows for more efficient cleaning

Intelligent Fan Controls - Variable speed drive (VFD) regulates fan speed based on filter loading to maximize fume extraction; conserve energy and extend life of the equipment

Integrated Spark Arrestor - Reduces the overall footprint of the unit while adding an additional layer of safety


  • Compact Size
  • Crane-less Installation
  • Pallet-less Shipping
  • Quiet Operation
  • Integrated Spark Arrestor

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