Square Hood for Accu-Pak Boxes
Accu-Pak Box with Square Hood, Accu-Pak Dolly and Insulator
Accu-Pak Box with Square Hood, Skid Dolly and Insulator
Accu-Pak box with Wire Delivery Accessories
Square Hood for Accu-Pak Box

"Square Hood (Chimeless) - 21"" (533mm), 500 lb."


"Square Hood (Chimeless) - 21"" (533mm), 500 lb."



  • Constructed of tough polyethylene
  • Lip securely anchors hood to package
  • Dual windows provide easy access for operator


Product Weights & Dimensions

Dimensions (H x W x D) in x in x in ( mm x mm x mm)
Net Weight 2.722 lbs (2.722 kg)