The Future is Automation

The welding landscape is rapidly changing: Retiring welders and a shortage of young people entering the field create an immediate need for welding automation. ClassMate® systems help prepare students for the future job market alongside a welding or robotics curriculum. Here at Lincoln Electric Automation, we keep a pulse on the way automation is revolutionizing manufacturing. Our ClassMate systems expose students to new robotic welding technology used in workplaces worldwide.

ClassMate M Robotic Welding Cell

Your Go-To ClassMate SYSTEM

ClassMate M

As our most popular and versatile product in this line, ClassMate® M systems can be found in high schools, technical schools, colleges, and universities around the world. The ClassMate M system offers high mobility with its compact design. If you are introducing a welding or robotic curriculum to your classroom, this model will be an essential tool for student success.

Product Specifications

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Classmate Cobot Robotic Welding Cell

Your Collaborative ClassMate System

ClassMate Cobot

ClassMate® Cobot systems operate at collaborative speeds and have force sensors in all 6 axes, providing a safe environment for a human operator to work alongside. Their versatility and mobility are comparable to the ClassMate M model, making them great for high school or university classrooms.

Product Specifications (ClassMate GoFa Welding Cobot)

Product Specifications (Classmate CRX Welding Cobot)

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ClassMate Pro

Your Industrial ClassMate System

ClassMate Pro

The ClassMate® Pro system finds itself most often in technical schools, universities, and community colleges training immediate workforce students. Ideal for facilities with a designated welding shop, the ClassMate Pro system is large and stationary. It is the only ClassMate model available with a positioner, which rotates parts while welding.

Product Specifications (ClassMate Pro with Positioner)

Product Specifications (ClassMate Pro without Positioner)

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ClassMate Laser Welding Cell

Your Experimental ClassMate SYSTEM

ClassMate Laser

The ClassMate® Laser system is geared towards both research institutions and facilities teaching advanced robotics manufacturing curriculums. Laser automation is growing exponentially in various industries and this system empowers you to conduct innovative research and development projects. We have designed this model to be affordable and accessible for education while still having the full-fledged capabilities of an industrial model.

Product Specifications

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Classmate ACDC.17.jpg

ClassMate® Submerged Arc Welding Trainer Package

• Ideal solution for schools, colleges and educational facilities to conduct CV-Submerged Arc training
• Perfect for weld procedure development and procedure qualification
• Economical and space efficient

Package includes:
• 4 ft. Effective Stroke Side Beam w/ Support Columns
• TC-3 Travel Carriage
• Power Wave AC/DC 1000SD or Flextec 650X Power Source
• MAXsa 10 Controller
• MAXsa 22 Wire Feeder
• K29/K96 Vertical/Horizontal Lift Adjusters
• Adjustable Height Weld Table

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Additional Options

Expand Your Classroom's Capabilities

We want your students to experience as many welding processes as possible! To prepare students for the dynamic workforce, we offer multiple educational add-ons for the ClassMate systems.

Virtual Educational FANUC WeldPRO Package

- Gives all students more “hands-on” time with the robot utilizing a digital teach pendant

- Introduces offline programming

- 15 PC WeldPRO licenses

- WeldPRO 3D model

- Single instructor seat in WeldPRO virtual training with live instructor

*Not available for the ClassMate GoFa Cobot system*

Ed-Start Package

- On-site application technician startup assistance

- 1-on-1 training and support for instructors

- Recommended for all first-time robotic welding customers

- Welding Gear Ready-Pak®personal protective equipment, Qty 2

- Welding coupons to practice a variety of welds and programming techniques

Gripper Package

- Able to swap between weld torch and gripper end-of-arm tooling

- Ideal for dual-purpose curriculums

- Manual tool changer

- WeldPRO CAD model

Headstock Positioner

For the ClassMate Pro System ONLY

- Allows for robotically controlled rotation of part

- Provides students with a wider range of real-world applications

- Single-axis positioner

- 500 kg

- Range 740°

- Speed 130°/sec

Cutting Package

For the ClassMate Laser System ONLY

- Adds cutting capabilities to the laser system

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