PIPEFAB Power Source

PIPEFAB™ Power Source


The Ultimate Set-up for Pipe and Vessel Fabrication


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CAD 19 501,02 $/EA


From concept to reality, the PIPEFAB™ welding system was developed for one purpose – to deliver the ideal setup for pipe and vessel fabrication. From machine design to arc performance, no detail was overlooked in delivering a complete, customer-driven system that lets your shop focus on what matters most – making high-quality root-to-cap welds, faster and easier.


  • Powered by proprietary Cable View™ Technology, the PIPEFAB™ system continually monitors cable inductance and adjusts the waveform to maintain consistent arc performance with long or coiled cable runs.
  • Breakthrough arc performance from root, to cap, to final fit.
  • Pairs with PipeFab Feeder for digital navigation with unmatched simplicity.
  • Customer-driven design for Pipe & Vessel Fabrication.
  • Backed by unrivaled customer support.
  • Industry Leading 5 Year Warranty

    Industry Leading 5 Year Warranty


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