Standard Seam Tracker Control Package

Seam Tracker™ Standard Control Package for CS40 (Control, Pendant, Cables)


Standard Tactile Seam Tracking Control


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CAD 12 870,00 $/EA



Tactile seam tracking systems deliver precise automated seam tracking for submerged arc, GMAW, FCAW and GTAW welding processes. Ideal for repetitive welding applications, these systems are recommended over manual and semi-automatic welding to improve quality and consistency while reducing operational costs. A range of standard systems or customized solutions are available to meet the requirements of many tough production environments.

Easy to Set Up

Easy to Operate

  • Operators can quickly learn to program and operate.

Simple System Selection (Pre-configured systems are available)

  • Select the desired level of automation - one of two controllers and matching pendants.
  • Choose a cross slide assembly based on load capacity required to handle the weight of the welding drive components.
  • Determine the travel stroke length of each axis necessary to complete the weld.
  • Select the application-specific seam sensor tip.

Advanced Controls Available - Gain these additional capabilities with the Advanced Programming Control (APC)

  • Program the entire sequence of the weld cycle as a position-based or time-based configuration.
  • Store up to 19 weld sequence programs.

Widespread Integration Capability

  • Build a system around almost any welding power source, feeder and controlled group.



  • Upgrade existing MS Motorized Slide Systems or build your own package with a custom stroke CS40 Cross Slide
  • Flexible integration with any welding power source, feeder and controller
  • Advanced Controls Available
  • Standalone Operation


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Mechanized Communication analog
Axis 1 Name Horizontal
Axis 1 Type Linear
Axis 1 Max Speed Cross Slide Dependent
Axis 1 Control Joystick/Seam Tracking
Axis 2 Name Vertical
Axis 2 Type Linear
Axis 2 Max Speed Cross Slide Dependent
Axis 2 Control Joystick/Seam Tracking


Typical Application Heat Exchangers
Heavy Equipment
Heavy Fabrication
High Pressure Piping
Marine Fabrication & Repair
Oil & Gas
Petrochemical Industry
Pressure Vessels
Process Piping
Railcar Fabrication
Robotics/ Hard Automation
Structural Fabrication


Warranty Controller - 3 Years; Pendant, Cables, Acessories - 90 Days