Magnum Pro 350A Extended Diffuser

Magnum® PRO Extended Reach Diffuser - 550A, Thread-On


Magnum® PRO Diffuser for Magnum® PRO Welding Guns


CAD 22,34 $/EA


The Magnum® PRO 550A Extended Reach Diffuser has an added 1.5" of extra length between the operator and the heat of the arc. This heavy duty diffuser provides proper heat dissipation and consistent wire feeding for high amperage applications. Compatible with 350A Magnum PRO Nozzles and 550A Magnum PRO Contact Tips.


  • Increased Operator Comfort - Extended length gas diffuser provides optimal performance with comfort in mind
  • Anti-Seize Threading - Designed to prevent expendables from melting, fusing and seizing after repeated use
  • Premium Performance - Consistent wire feeding and heat dissipation for high amperage welding applications


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -